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The following pages contain information and metadata summaries for all ACCESS-CM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5 simulations that are archived on NCI's Gadi supercomputer in the directory /g/data/p73/archive

If you would like to access this data, please use NCI's Mancini portal to request membership to the project p73.

For queries regarding this data, please contact, or

CMIP6 Archive:



These directories contains model output from all of the simulations that constitute the ACCESS submission to CMIP6. For more information, please see

NB: CMORised data (i.e. timeseries data that has been prepared for ESGF publication) are not stored in the project p73, but are available in the NCI project fs38 (membership through Mancini) or from NCI's ESGF node.

non-CMIP Archive (not yet implemented):



This directory contains model output from ACCESS simulations that were not submitted to CMIP, but were generated primarily for internal use within CSIRO, and made available here for community use.

Project Description:

This purpose of this project is the mid- to long-term archiving of ACCESS GCM simulation data; and is a sibling to p66 ( Primarily, this archive contains model output from ACCESS-CM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5 production runs for CMIP6, produced by CSIRO in collaboration with ARCCSS (i.e. CLEX), but also includes non-CMIP simulations, especially those used in publications.

Model output from the UM (atmosphere component) has been converted to netCDF format using Iris (older runs used cdms2), while output from MOM (ocean) and CICE (sea-ice) have been compressed. Restart files for every 10th simulations year are saved along with model output, while subdaily data is moved to MDSS.

For CF-compliant datasets from ACCESS simulations, which are published through the ESGF for CMIP6, please see the local publication node, project fs38 ( For international CMIP6 replication, please see project oi10 (

For more information on ACCESS, please see and


Further information for CMIP6 errata can is available here.

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